Legal Assistant

Angela Hernandez

Angela Hernandez joined Pendleton Law in January 2021. She worked as a secretary alongside Ms. Weygandt and numerous other attorneys at Intermountain Public Defender from 2015 until December 2020. When Ms. Weygandt transitioned into private practice, she invited Angela to join her.

During her time at the Public Defender’s Office, Angela mastered the secretarial roles delegated to her. A skilled legal assistant, Angela is familiar with the drafting and filing of court documents and understands the policies and procedures in the courts and other state agencies. Angela is also a Licensed Notary in the state of Oregon.

Before entering the legal field, Angela spent her career honing her client relations skills. She worked as a personal assistant in Los Angeles, managed retail in New York, and performed several roles in the banking industry throughout Washington State.

Over 60 years of combined experience in criminal investigation and criminal law.

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