Aggressive Drug Crimes Attorney Representing Eastern Oregon Clients

Drug use is illegal and convictions can lead to harsh sentences, which is why it is so important that you hire an experienced drug crimes attorney as soon as possible after being charged. Because of the dangerous stigma attached to drug use, the prosecution is guaranteed to litigate your case. As a former prosecutor, attorney Jody Vaughan knows all the prosecution tactics in play, along with search and seizure laws and therefore is able to offer you the strongest defense.

Types of Drug Crimes

It is illegal to possess, manufacture, distribute or sell controlled substances for yourself or others. Possession crimes tend to garner the lowest punishments, whereas the manufacture and sale of controlled substances are almost always punishable by felonies and prison sentences. Sentencing also depends on several other factors, including your previous criminal record, whether or not you acted within one thousand feet of a school, and if minors were involved.

Marijuana in Oregon

It is legal for people 21 and older to buy and use marijuana in much the same way as they can alcohol. You must follow all of the rules, however, such as only purchasing from a valid dispensary and not furnishing marijuana to minors. If you have been charged with a marijuana related crime, such as DUII or illegal possession, we can help.

Pendleton Law, LLC takes pride in protecting the rights of Eastern Oregon clients facing charges pertaining to drug crimes. For more complex cases, we have the ability to utilize our own in-house private investigator. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney today at (541) 226-3613 to schedule a consultation.