Accomplished Juvenile Defense Attorney Protecting the Rights of Minors in Eastern Oregon

All kids push the bounds of right and wrong and this is a vital form of learning. However, some children push things too far and can end up in trouble with the law. This does not make them bad people or necessarily mean that they will become criminals later in life, but it does require that you find them an effective yet compassionate juvenile defense attorney. Pendleton Law, LLC is eager to protect the rights of children facing criminal charges.

How You Can Help Your Child

After you have retained an experienced juvenile defense attorney, it is imperative you pass on any relevant advice to your children, whether they are in your custody or that of the state. They must not discuss their charges or involvement in a crime with anyone but you and us, let alone post anything about it on any social media. They also need to obey all laws to avoid any additional charges. Just as importantly, they must be honest with their defense attorney so that we can help them to the best of our ability.

Choosing for Experience and Skill

While there are many attorneys to choose from, you must keep your child’s future quality of life in mind when selecting someone to represent them. The principal attorney of Pendleton Law, LLC, served as a prosecutor for many years prior to opening her own practice. She knows the methods and lines of questioning prosecutors will use during your child’s trial and is at the ready with strong responses. Her experience has positioned her to be an aggressive and successful criminal defense attorney.

Pendleton Law, LLC provides sensitive yet effective counsel for minors in need of juvenile defense throughout Eastern Oregon. Contact our office today at (541) 226-3613 to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer.