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Police Defense Attorney — Eastern Oregon

Knowledgeable Police Defense Attorney Protecting the Rights of Eastern Oregon Law Enforcement Officials

Police officers are tasked with putting themselves in challenging situations every day.

When something goes awry, it’s easy for the public to point the finger at the officer, blaming them for something that was completely out of their control. We at Pendleton Law, LLC understand how difficult it can be for law enforcement officers to explain themselves, especially in cases where snap judgments had to be made.

If you are a police officer or other law enforcement official suspected of committing criminal charges, it is essential that you retain a successful and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You have worked hard to serve and protect and you deserve to be heard. We will use all of our available resources and strategies to build you a strong defense, including our own in-house private investigator, and protect your professional future.

Added Scrutiny

Especially in today’s climate, police officers are under much more scrutiny than the average defendant. Prosecutors may wish to make an example out of your case, hoping to exaggerate the way in which you abused your position of authority and power. If you are under investigation or facing criminal charges stemming from circumstances pertaining to your position as a police officer, reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can begin to build you a compelling defense.

Our Experience Matters

Our firm believes that all individuals who are facing criminal charges deserve outstanding legal representation, but we are especially concerned about protecting the rights of our community’s police officers. Our principal attorney, Jody Vaughan, has worked closely with police officers over the course of her career and has spent many years as a prosecutor. Her decades of experience in this position means that she is intimately acquainted with the legal process. Together, we will design and present successful defense tactics aimed at safeguarding your freedom and future.

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