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What Happens If You are Charged With a First-Time Drug Possession Offense in Oregon?

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Getting charged with a first-time drug possession offense can be scary. You might be afraid that you will have to go to jail or pay fines. However, by learning about possible consequences, you will have peace of mind and know best how to move forward. 

Controlled Substance Possession in Oregon

Your charges will depend on the amount of controlled substances in your possession when you were arrested. It is no longer a crime to possess a small amount of controlled substances in Oregon. For example, if you possess less than 1 gram of heroin, less than 40 oxycodone pills, and less than 2 grams of cocaine for personal use, you will not be charged with a crime

However, if you possess larger amounts of these controlled substances, you could face serious charges, such as a felony. If you have a large amount of heroin in your possession that you intend to deliver, then you could be charged with a Class A felony. You may get sentenced to up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $375,000

First-Time Offenses

If this is your first offense regarding drug possession, the prosecution may be easier on you if the other circumstances surrounding your case are favorable. For instance, they may waive the standard sentence and send you to a state-approved drug treatment facility instead. You may get community custody, drug treatment, or both. If you have a lawyer, your lawyer could argue on your behalf that since this is your first-time offense, you pose no threat to the community, and you should not be sentenced harshly. 

Contact Pendleton Law for Help 

If you’ve been charged with first-time drug possession in Oregon, contact Pendleton Law, LLC at 541-201-8626 for help. We will put our decades of combined experience to work to provide you with exceptional and aggressive legal representation.

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